Mega Dads Live #47: A Couple of Bad Eggs

This month on Mega Dads Live the boys discuss all the fun they had playing pirates in Sea of Thieves, we try to explain just what the hell Nintendo Labo is, and we gush about the brilliance of XBOX Game Pass.

We also re-introduce Mega Dads Trivia, welcome Josh Stapleton as our Producer Pop-In, and even have a little 3 year old bust in to the show once or twice.

Review – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

When I first heard that Naughty Dog was developing an Uncharted semi-sequel without its leading character, Nathan Drake, and that it was coming out only one year after Uncharted 4, I (a self-proclaimed Uncharted super fan) was nervous. Uncharted, as I’ve written and spoken about at great length here at Mega Dads, is my favorite franchise…

Game of the Month: Uncharted 4

The end of an era arrives this month with the release of Naughty Dog’s final chapter in the Uncharted series, “A Thief’s End“. Spanning nine years, two consoles and four installments, the Uncharted series has been the pinnacle of cinematic adventure gaming since Nathan Drake first arrived on the PS3 in 2007. We’ve jumped, tumbled,…