E3 2018 Hands On – Resident Evil 2

The streets are ready to run red once again as Capcom is reviving the PlayStation era classic, Resident Evil 2, for a new generation of gamers. Players will once again guide Leon and Claire on their mission to escape the evils which lurk around every corner of Raccoon City. New gamers will be able to…

Mega Dads Live #50: MD Five-0

It’s our GIGANTIC episode 50 extravaganza! Join Adam and John as they celebrate this podcast milestone by talking about God of War, the 10 Greatest Games of All Time, the Best and Worst video game endings, and getting slapped in the privates.

We have a special producer ‘DROP-IN’ from longtime friend Big Marky P, a slew of special guests to wish us congratulations on reaching episode 50, and Antonio’s Mom even drops in to say why she thinks our podcast is a good investment.

Buckle up, this one’s a doozy.