Mega Dads Live #36: Udderly Ridiculous with Sean Capri

This month on Mega Dads Live the guys welcome special guest Sean Capri from We the Gamercast and If We Ran Nintendo to discuss what we’ve all been waiting for… A cow milking simulator! Also we talk a bit about one of the greatest games ever made, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We also hash over some parenting pro tips for the soon-to-be Dad and talk we poll the community to find out what your favorite handheld units of all time are! Come join the shenanigans!

Mega Dads Live 35: I’d Buy THAT for a Dollar!

This month on Mega Dads Live the guys discuss buying jeans, Final Fantasy XV, Battlefield 1, Switch Launch lineup, the upcoming Marvel deal with Square-Enix and … Romance. John also talks about spending money on street hookers. So… that’s a thing.

We also have our very first Producer Pop-In starring Paul Lloyd! A very special thank you to all of our producers for your continued support.

Mega Dads Live #31: He Who Smelt It

On this month’s episode of MDL the guys are talking about Recore, Dragon Quest Builders, Virginia, and the way men smell when they’re going through ‘the changes’.

We’re also giving away a copy of Resident Evil 0 Remastered in our Trivia Segment and talking about Candy in The Last Word. Because we’re growed-ups.