Mega Dads Live #49: The Kwik Trip Rendezvous

This month on MDL the guys discuss Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves, the future of No Man’s Sky and the announcement of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We’ve got a brand new edition of “Small Talk” which breaks down Elliott’s opinions on the Game Cube, and we also discuss our favorite Gaming Magazines.

This month’s Mega Dads Trivia is for a copy of the Transistor soundtrack signed by the team at Supergiant Games. Our Producer Pop-In is Sean Capri. 

The Dadcade X Mega Dads E3 Special

We’ll be teaming up with Scott and Nick from The Dadcade and recording a special edition of Mega Dads Live this week covering the best (and worst) of E3 2016! We’re excited to finally be partnering up with our friendly rivals for this hour-long special. It’s going to be Dad-tastic, Dad-ddictive and Dad-gasmic! … wait……

Mega Dads Live #24: Welcome to the Terrible Twos

The Mega Dads are celebrating two years of our podcast, ‘Mega Dads Live’! This month we discuss the flood of Final Fantasy XV news, Nintendo’s launch of the mobile game Miitomo, our playtime with The Division and the current state of console exclusives. We also have special messages from some of our friends in the podcast/blog community.

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Nintendo Dads!

We’ve had a sort of ‘cross-over’ event this month by featuring the Nintendo Dads in our Gamer Spotlight and also being guest hosts on the Nintendo Dads Podcast. It’s been great getting to know these fellow dad podcasters over the last month and we’re continuing to show our support and enthusiasm about their program. Adam…

It Was a Very Good Year

As 2015 winds down I sit here reflecting on the year and all that it brought. I think when New Years rolls around everyone has that moment of assessing the year that came before and pledging to make the next year even better. They reflect on the lessons learned and make some resolutions all in…