Celebrating a Decade of Rock Band

We celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rock Band with a look back at how much the series has meant to us.


Mega Dads 2D – The Collection!

We are proud to announce just in time for our 3rd Anniversay here at Mega Dads the publication of Mega Dads 2D – The Collection through Blurb.com! This book (available in both physical and ebook format) chronicles the first 3 years of our webcomic Mega Dads 2D, including concept art and commentary from the creators.…

Insert Coin

By: Adam As a child gamer growing up in the 80’s I was living in a much different culture of video games than what we have today. Where we now are able to buy, download or even stream any game we could want, in the 80’s some of the biggest and best games available were…

Stages of Parenthood

Adam looks at the changing and varied stages of being a father. From being a brand new dad to chasing after a toddler. They don’t make strategy guides for this, do they?

What the Hay?

 By: Adam Playing: The Last of Us Remastered     Watching: The Flash   On the last episode of Mega Dads Live we had a discussion about video game franchises. Specifically what makes a good, or worthy, sequel. There is no denying that the video game industry loves it’s sequels. There are multiple franchises that crank out a new…