Mega Dads Live #25: See You ‘NX’ Year!

This month on Mega Dads Live we dive into the Nintendo bombshell regarding Zelda and The NX, John gives us his thoughts post-Quantum Break, and the guys discuss which swear they can and cannot say on the air.

We also welcome our very first guest to the show, Justin Masson from The Nintendo Dads Podcast!

Throwing ‘N’ the Towel?

Adam worries about the future of Nintendo after the news that they’re going to be developing games for mobile devices. Will they still be the company we all love? Or will they join the free to play dark side?

Tales from Hyrule: Stories with My Daughter

 By: John Playing: Pushmo World       Watching: Luther   The world we live in is getting more technologically advanced every single year. And every year as that happens our options for consuming entertainment become both more varied and more portable. My children can curl up in bed at the end of the night with the iPad or iPhone and…