Mega Dads Live #46: Javier Bardem’s Oboe

Disclaimer: This is a MATURE CONTENT podcast.

It’s a BRAND NEW Mega Dads Live. It’s our Game of the Year 2017 special, featuring our top 3 games of 2017 and our patron’s top picks as well. We also discuss Wofenstein, Assassin’s Creed, Fortnite v PUBG and Oboes.

Our Producer Pop-In this month is @BravesB_ (Bryan Scott)

My Future At Mega Dads

First I want to thank everyone for your incredible support and patronage of Mega Dads over these last few years. Having built all of this with John and sharing it with an enthusiastic and receptive audience has been one of the (if not THE) greatest creative thrills of my professional career. But as great as…

Get Out and Have Fun with Your Kids for Their Health!

*Advertisement* As adults, we often get caught up in the rat race of work, meals, shopping, shuttling kids to and fro, that we’ve forgotten to take time to play. Your kids have not forgotten, and most likely spend their whole day looking for ways to play. By taking the time to play outside with your…

Mega Dads Live #45 : A Very Prepubescent Christmas

This month on Mega Dads Live we talk all about the XBOX One X, Call of Duty, Mario afterthoughts, and Tacoma. Our Last Word is ‘Childhood’ as we get all nostalgic up in your business now that Christmas is almost here. Our Producer Pop-In is Grrouchie Serge and to cap it all off we’ve got…