Do a Barrel Roll: Gamers Who Rock

As gamers, we are inspired by the artistry created in the games that we play. Video game music specifically seems to stir something deep inside of us. The music in our games emphasize our heroic actions, our moments of drama and the heart-pumping thrill of victory. Like any great piece of music, we find ourselves…


Mega Dads Live #29: All That FRUin’ You’re Doin’

This month on Mega Dads Live we talk about new games Pokemon Go, I Am Setsuna, FRU, and early access We Happy Few.

We also discuss the latest in NX rumors, the 20th Anniversary Tomb Raider PS4 release, The NES Classic Edition and the relevance of Xbox One S. We go over our latest weigh in numbers as we attempt to be slightly less disgusting male adults, and we has over the trials of going out on the town past our bedtimes.


Mega Dads Pokemon Go to the Mall of America

I never wanted to catch’em all. In fact I never had any intention of catching any of them. But that changed for me like it did for many across the world when Pokemon Go was unleashed on the masses. As much a social phenomenon as it is a video game, Pokemon Go has put its…


Mario’s Super World: Behind the Scenes

One step at a time. Over the past month and a half I have been working hard on a new series of illustrations based on the classic series Super Mario Bros. I have titled the set Mario’s Super World and it is a compilation of some of my favorite characters and levels from the history of the…