Dear SyFy – My Boycott of a Basic Cable Channel

The following is an email I sent to SyFy channel this morning. I hope you read it and consider joining me in boycotting this channel for the actions they’ve taken. Dear SyFy, I am writing this as a disappointed consumer. Yesterday on my twitter feed I began seeing ads for your show Blood Drive showing…

Mega Dads Live #39: The Pre3 Spectacular

It’s almost here! E3 is just around the corner! Adam and John are pissing themselves with excitement and are here to give you their astoundingly awful e3 predictions. You’ve heard the rest now listen to these guys too. We also enlist our patrons to give you their picks for what will happen at the big show.

In addition to that Adam discusses how much he hated ARMs and John talks about loving crappy old games that everyone else forgot about.

We’re also giving away $10 in Nintendo Eshop money in this month’s Trivia segment!