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Mega Dads was created in March 2014 as a gaming community dedicated to and created by those of us who balance our love of video games with the responsibilities of adulthood. Spouses, children and careers take up a considerable amount of time and trying to fit a time consuming hobby into your day can be quite a challenge. Mega Dads presents a humorous look at that life. Mega Dads isn’t just for parents though, we provide a look at the video game industry that hopefully will be funny and informative to everybody!

John Wahl – Founder. Editor in Chief

John is the co-creator and Executive Editor of Mega Dads and serves as producer and host of the podcasts Mega Dads Live, Xbox Mega Bits, and Mega Dad Diaries. He is also a writer and produces a variety of features on the site including Gamer Spotlight, Family Game Night, Time and more. He’s been playing video games for over 3 decades and isn’t too proud to admit that he has attended a Xena: Warrior Princess convention. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and kids.

Adam Leonhardt – Founder. Art Director. Lead A/V Editor

Adam is co-creator and Art Director of Mega Dads as well as producer and host of the Mega Dads Live and PlayStation Mega Bits podcasts. He writes and illustrates our Web Comic series Mega Dads 2D. He is also the curator of our YouTube channel, creating and producing most of our video content. Adam creates all the visual designs on the website and YouTube channel as well as composes all of the original music featured in our family of content. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and children.

Antonio Guillen – Editorials Writer, A/V Editor, Parenting Specialist

Antonio (aka @hypecaster) is a video production specialist by day, avid gamer, and a new father of a beautiful baby girl. He has previously co-hosted various podcasts including SwitchTalk & the Platinum Achievement Podcast and he is a writer/contributor at The Nintendo Village. Antonio is passionate about using his editing & design skills to help other content creators with their passion projects and he puts his heart and soul into Mega Dads. Likes: competitive shooters, escaping into tactical RPGs, and imagining a brighter future. Dislikes: Mayo

Chris Berto – Head of the Stream Team and PC Editor

Berto (aka @BertoStreams) is a retired Army veteran turned amateur streamer who has spent the bulk of his 35 years playing games across all platforms, preferring his custom-built PCs as his platform of choice. He spent 10 years addicted to Warcraft and is likely the only person to attempt a 40-man raid while deployed to Iraq with 39 guild mates still in the states. When he’s not making a fool of himself on Twitch for the benefit of MegaDads, he’s thinking about how he can turn his love for video games into a career.

Will Schulz – Reviews Editor

Will (aka @WondrousWill) is an internet weirdo the Mega Dads picked up to write reviews and talk into microphones. He’s been playing games since the NES, and is just thrilled to have an outlet for his opinions. When he isn’t working or playing games, he’s spending time with his wife and son. If you’re curious to learn more, feel free to visit him on twitch.tv/WondrousWill.

Nick Edwards – Editorials Writer and Reviews Editor

Nick is the founding member of The Dadcade, an eerily similar dad themed gaming site and thus has been around the gaming block a few times. When not contemplating starting The Witcher 3 for a second time, he can be found playing way too many games with too little time and when he isnt doing that, he can be found at work or raising two wonderful fledgling pokemon trainers.

Christopher Nunes

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Evan Pedersen

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Jason Bryant – Community Manager

Jason (A.K.A. redeyejay A.K.A. JB Smoothie) is the Community Manager for Mega Dads. He discovered Mega Dads Live in June 2018 and quickly became a big fan. In August 2019, he officially joined the team as Community Manager focusing on their Discord server. He has been playing video games since the late 80’s starting with the NES and was a Blockbuster Video Store Champion in 1995 for his skills in Donkey Kong Country. He works as an IT Specialist and lives in Virginia with his wife and children.

Elliott Leonhardt – VP of Grade School Division

Elliott is the son of Adam and is co-host of “Small Talk: with Elliott and Daddy”, a podcast exclusive to Mega Dads Plus. He has been playing video games since he was 2 years old and has completed games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn all on his own. He is also enrolled in karate and enjoys watching Home Alone and eating Cheez-Its.

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